Jet math craft press release

Give your math skills a rocket boost with Jet Math Craft!

Watch Jet Math Craft in action here! 

December 10, 2014 – Encouraging children to learn maths can be difficult but what if you were to combine learning with flying a space jet in a computer game?  Welcome to Jet Math Craft!

Jet Math Craft is a simple game with a dynamic twist – players choose their own themes and jet aircraft to fly during the game. They are given different mathematical puzzles to solve and have to use the jet’s magnet attachment to lift the right answer and put it in the right place before their fuel runs out!

The game tests the players maths skills, concentration, reaction and understanding of physics and how to keep a jet in the air without bashing into obstacles! Players can also hear the numbers in a variety of languages and learn their foreign pronunciations.

Jet Math Craft has three different game modes – Education, Exam and Puzzle.

In Education mode, the player is given a mathematical puzzle to solve and they use the jet to locate and lift the correct answer into the right position. In Exam mode the player is given the expression and have to solve it themselves, then move the answer cube to the right location to answer correctly. Finally in Puzzle mode the player is given a random selection of numbers and integers +,-,X or /, they then have to place the problem in the correct order followed by the answer!

The game isn’t just about maths, players get the fun and thrill of controlling their craft and keeping it out of trouble – too much damage will reduce its energy and fuel which will stop them completing the puzzle.

Jet Math Craft creator Denis Shevtsov said: “The app is dedicated to improve math skills by systematic training. While a player is carrying the correct answer cube across the screen they are concentrating on the right answers. Tests prove that if a child plays for 10-15 minutes a day their math skills increase. My own son, my nephew and their friends have been playtesting for us and they are happier and more proficient with math problems than ever before.

“In Puzzle mode, adults can compete against children on equal terms as they have to save fuel and energy to complete the puzzle, not just get the answer right! We are very excited to launch the latest version of Jet Math Craft and future versions will also include more languages.”

Jet Math Craft is available to download now for free from the Apple iTunes Store and runs on any iOS device with iOS 8.0 or later.

Play Jet Math Craft today and improve your math and gaming skills together!

Notes to Editors

Jet Math Craft was created by Lineapps. For more information contact or visit