Application search in App Store and “Apple-confidential algorithms”

Today My App In app store can’t be found by almost all keywords.

Who have heard about “Apple-confidential algorithms”?! You will be shocked too!

Now it’s works like that – if appstore has app named for example – “Math”, you can forget about keyword – “math” in your keywords list. your new published app will never be found if user will search – “Math”. Can you believe that…? This is reality!

Even if that app created in iTunes connect but not published, this stupid think will never show your app. You can check this with – “счет до ста” or “математика для детей”. For the first word in a current examples – App created, but not published, probably will never e published, however I have this keyword in my list, and result is zero!

I believe, now it’s impossible to sell something via appstore. Keywords now absolutely useless field, because millions users has created billions apps, but not publish them. It’s really stupidest thing they ever made! Be careful!

I spent a week discussing with them, they don’t really care about that! Just tell me try another keywords! To be honestly I’m shocked by this s..!

Finally they wrote like that:

“I completely understand your concern with your app’s searchability and can appreciate your feedback about the way keywords are used in the App Store.
I see how this is frustrating and I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The best information I can offer you is to look over the section “The Art of Using Keywords Successfully” at the following link:
The main rule of apple is – “Paid apps have become almost invisible…regular updates are penalized, and…new apps don’t get visibility or stand a fair chance against old titles.”
Remember this before start development of something new!